Pet Purity, makers of Purifeye, which eliminates your pet's tear stains at the source!
Pet Purity's Purifeye - Eliminates your pet's tear stains at the source!
Herbs are a Miracle of Mother Nature!
Add them to your pet's diet and witness the miracle for yourself.

Pet Purity paw logoPurifeye is the one and only 100% ALL NATURAL product to get rid of tear stains on cats and dogs.

Pet Purity paw logoOne dose a day keeps
the tear stains away!

Pet Purity paw logoPurifeye heals your pet on the inside, to ELIMINATE THE TEAR STAINS on the outside.

Pet Purity paw logoNO Chemicals!
(such as Tylosin or Tetracycline)!
Tedious Maintenance!

Full of nutritious vitamins and minerals.

Purifeye - Before & After - Eliminates tear stains on your dogs or cats.


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