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Herbal Ingredients


Herbs are the primary source of natural medicine for people of every culture. Herbs have been mentioned in historical literature, as well as in the Bible. People have used herbs for thousands of years to treat many forms of illnesses for themselves and their animals. Miracles of Mother Nature, herbs are safe and extremely reliable, with no side effects. Herbs help cleanse and purify the body and regulate and tone the glands to function normally. They are high in vitamins and minerals and other nutrients that nourish and maintain the body’s natural immune system, which protects from diseases. Herbs realign the body’s defenses, giving extra energy to heal itself while promoting the body’s natural good bacteria. Herbs work synergistically, so combining them enhances each herb’s properties, helping to bring greater healing to the body.

Purifeye contains the following 100% herbal ingredients:

Alfalfa powder – Alfalfa is a green super-food which contains all vitamins and minerals known to science. This herb also contains digestive enzymes, amino acids and chlorophyll. Highly nutritive, Alfalfa alkalizes the body rapidly and detoxifies the body and liver. The antibacterial, antioxidant and antifungal properties of Alfalfa are traditionally used to provide relief from arthritis pain and aid in healing intestinal ulcers, gastritis, liver disorders and cancer. Alfalfa also promotes healthy digestion and fresh breath. The ancient Arabs used Alfalfa as a feed for their horses and claimed that it made the horses stronger and faster. After using Alfalfa themselves, they became so convinced of its health benefits that they named it “Alfalfa” which in Arabic means “father of all foods”.

Garlic powder – Garlic has been used as a food and medicine since the age of the Egyptian Pharaohs. And in the past 20 years, garlic has been the subject of more than 2,500 credible scientific studies. There are many well documented benefits of Garlic. This herb strengthens the immune system and helps prevent heart disease by reducing high blood pressure and lowering cholesterol. Garlic is a blood and intestinal purifier and also works as a digestive aid and alleviates gas. The antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic, antioxidant and anti-flammatory properties of garlic make it an effective remedy against bacterial, fungal, viral and parasitic infections.

Spirulina – Spirulina is a blue-green algae which is believed to be the first form of plant life on earth, nearly 3.5 billion years old. Spirulina has been extensively tested by scientists around the world and has proven to be the most powerful and well balanced source of nutrition on the planet. This herb provides the body with all the essential nutrients required daily. Spirulina strengthens the body’s immune system against possible infections. Listed below are few of the many nutritional facts of Spirulina:

  • It is the world’s richest source of Beta-Carotene (vitamin A) which helps improve eye sight and supports the body’s defenses.
  • It is one of the world’s richest known sources of natural calcium which helps build strong bones.
  • It’s rich content of natural Iron and folic acids helps to greatly improve hemoglobin levels in the blood.
  • It has 10 times more Potassium than most vegetables, helping to prevent hypertension.
  • It is a rich source of Vitamin B12 which helps fight stress and calms the nerves.

Spirulina is considered the world’s healthiest food.

Kelp powder – Kelp is a seaweed that grows in the ocean and has over 30 essential vitamins and minerals. This herb also contains essential fatty acids, protein, fiber, sodium and is a source of vitamin B12. Kelp is also a rich source of Iodine, a mineral that’s main function is to help carry oxygen from the lungs to the muscles and other organs. Kelp is used to strengthen the glands. It is a sustainer to the nervous system and the brain, and also regulates metabolism.

Hops – Hops has been used by herbalists for centuries to relieve nervous tension, anxiety, stress, sleeplessness, kidney problems, urinary tract, digestion, constipation, pain appetite, headaches and menstruation problems. Hops is rich in Vitamin C and B-complex and also contains various minerals. The natural antibiotic ad antibacterial properties found in Hops is beneficial in promoting optimum health.

Papaya leaf – Papaya leaf is well known for its natural qualities which generally promote health and healing. Papaya leaf has been used as an aid for stomach ailments, due to its enzyme content. It especially aids in the digestion of proteins, but also helps to digest carbohydrates and fats. Papaya leaf contains beta-carotene, calcium, vitamin C and many other nutrients. The primary use of Papaya leaf in herbal medicine today is as a "vermifuge", that is, to destroy and expel intestinal worms.

Nettles leaf – Nettles strengthen and support the whole body. This herb is a high source of digestible iron and is rich in calcium and folic acid. Nettles cleanses the blood, detoxifies, lowers high blood pressure, reduces allergies, relieves pain and kills germs.

Hawthorn Berry powder – Hawthorn Berry improves blood flow to and from the heart by strengthening its contractions. Hawthorn flowers, leaves and berries all have a vasodilatory effect, opening the arteries and improving blood supply to all tissues of the body, which helps to balance blood pressure. Hawthorn berries have an astringent effect and are often used for diarrhea. The berries also have a relaxant effect in the digestive tract and act to increase appetite, relieve distension and stagnation of food in the intestines. This herb has an equally relaxant effect on the nervous system, relieving stress and anxiety, calming agitation and restlessness.

Parsley leaf - Parsley is a nutrient powerhouse containing high levels of beta carotene (which benefits the liver and protects the lungs and colon), vitamin B12 (which is needed for the formation of red blood cells and normal cell growth), folate, chlorophyll and calcium. Parsley contains three times as much vitamin C as oranges, and twice as much iron as spinach. It's an excellent source of vitamin K, which is necessary for bones to get the minerals they need to form properly. Parsley Leaf stimulates and strengthens the activity of the digestive system, settling the stomach, supporting healthy digestion and improving appetite. Parsley Leaf is also a superior breath freshener because of its high chlorophyll content. Parsley enhances and stimulates the energy of organs, improving their ability to assimilate and utilize nutrients.

* The information presented herein is intended for educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent disease. Individual results may vary, and before using any supplements, it is always advisable to consult your own veterinarian.


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