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What are "tear stains"?

Before Purifeye - Pet has tear stains.Tear stains are a common concern for pet owners around the world. This condition, called epiphora, is the most obvious on dogs and cats with white or light colored coats. The tear stains are a reddish-brown color and not only are they unsightly, but may also emit an unpleasant odor and can be extremely irritating to the pet. Most experts believe that excess tearing is the cause of tear stains. When the pet’s face hair is wet from excessive tearing it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and yeast infections. There are many possible reasons for excessive tearing: clogged or shallow tear ducts, cutting teeth, allergies and irritation are just a few. A pet’s diet and the water they drink can also be a factor in tear staining. Below we’ve listed a few points that can help reduce tearing and improve your pet’s overall health:

Healthy Diet

Just like humans, an animal’s diet is extremely important to their overall health. Many commercial pet foods contain additives, preservatives, food coloring, or beet pulp which can cause tearing and staining. Most of those foods also contain animal by-products which are not healthy for your pet. Look for high quality pet food (and treats) that contain wholesome ingredients. You may not find high quality pet foods at your grocery store or pet market, and they may cost a bit more, but it sure is worth it to have your pet on the best diet possible. Visit to find out more about what’s really in your pet food.

After Purifeye - Tear stains are gone! Purifeye eliminates tear stains at the source.Water

Supply your pet with purified, distilled or bottled spring water. High iron content in (tap or well) water can cause the entire face to stain.

Keep Eyes Clean

Strands of hair in your pet’s eyes, or eyelashes that may grow on an angle can cause irritation and infections. Keep hair around your pet’s eyes trimmed. It is also very important to keep the eye area clean by gently removing any dust or dirt or crust or globs in the corners of their eyes with a tissue.

Add Purifeye to your pet’s diet

Give your pet a daily dose of Purifeye - our all natural herbal remedy. It is 100% safe for daily use and has been proven to help your pet combat their tear stain problem.


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